Stuck in the middle?

A whittled spoon (not one of Barn's)

It took an artisan spoon to make me realise that there is a limit to just how middle-class a person can be. Full disclosure, it is fair to say I fall into the category of middle-class. Last week, for example, I was sitting with a macchiato in the garden with a friend, surrounded by the remains of a carefully-filleted Saturday Guardian, when I began bemoaning the cost of shopping. I lamented spending more than £100 at Waitrose on a basic shop but then had to confess that the ‘basics’ included... Read The Rest →

Haute Culture

The art of literature

Inside an ornate, hand-crafted birdcage and nestling on a bed of blue silk, rests a beautifully-bound book wrapped in luscious blue ribbon. It calls to me just as powerfully as any bird might. I am in Assouline in London, where I have come to marvel at the assembled collection of mouthwateringly beautiful books. This particular caged volume is a limited-edition (there are only 50) of Flaubert’s novel Felicity – The Tale of the Simple Heart and it is the first of a series to be produced by Haute Culture Books.... Read The Rest →


Seal of disapproval

What troubles me most about the revelations in today’s Guardian about PRISM – the NSA attempt to collect a plethora of data from users of Google, Facebook, Apple et al – is not the fact that Big Brother is watching but, rather, just how bad Big Brother is at Powerpoint design. Personally I don’t believe there is ever really an excuse for powerpoint but clearly the US Government does – perhaps just as much it believes it is beneficial to seek out information from its population.        ... Read The Rest →

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