Cultural sensitivity

Photograph by David Mellis

I have had a great many conversations about the word culture in the various roles I have held over the years. Consequently I also tend to read a lot on the subject, particularly when it comes to business culture. Perhaps the standout quote from all I have heard and all I have read belongs to economist and author Corinne Maier, whose book Bonjour Paresse (Hello Laziness) is a best-seller in her native France. “Business culture is the crystallization of all the stupidity of a group of people at any given... Read The Rest →

Power to the People

If you are my age (47, since you ask) you will remember when television in the UK was limited and linear. We had only two channels in my house in rural Shetland until the late 70s and if you wanted to watch something you had to be there. We didn’t even have a credible remote control or a video recorder – never mind the ability to pause, rewind, store, or download a programme of your choice at any time of day or on any continent. Like almost everything else, today... Read The Rest →

Leading questions

A cure for hiccups?

As any sort of a leader, I clearly cast no shadow. This becomes obvious when, at 10pm one weekday night, my eldest son, Fergus, disrupts the peaceful calm of the kitchen by barging through the door, swiftly followed by his five-year-old brother, Conrad. “Hiccups,” Fergus announces as this might explain anything. He pushes past me, gets a teaspoon from the cutlery drawer and then heads for the cupboard where he retrieves a jar of peanut butter. “Whoa! What’s going on?” I ask. “It’s the best cure for hiccups – a... Read The Rest →

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