The Hollywood Captain

Screen Break: Elvis and Mary Tyler Moore share a joke with director William A Graham on the set of Change of Habit

  The captain of the Alerion is not happy. I have, he says, grossly distorted his arrival into port. “I was not towed into the harbour,” he says sternly, addressing me in a soft American accent from on deck. “We had engine trouble and I was escorted in as a precaution.” Such nuances are important on an island where boats are part of the fabric of day-to-day life. The fact that my information came directly from the Lerwick harbour master, and that it was contained in a single-paragraph buried deep... Read The Rest →

What am I doing Drinking in LA?

The Standard, Hollywood

It is a pleasant December evening in Los Angles and I am on a post-prandial stroll through the city streets. I have spent the day shooting swimwear in the Joshua Tree national park and while the rest of the crew have dispersed to their various evening appointments, I dined alone in the restaurant at the Sunset Towers hotel. Now it’s just before 10pm and, to walk off the meal and the two martinis, I am exploring the area near my hotel – the somewhat less expensive Standard hotel. As I... Read The Rest →


  A tubby Japanese man, dressed in the trappings of youth but clearly old enough to know better, raises his hand in a Nazi salute. He is standing against the backdrop of the last vestiges of the Berlin wall as his friends take his picture on their mobile phones. It’s a shocking gesture, especially here on the site of the former headquarters of the Gestapo and now a memorial called Topography of Terror. The site combines the two defining characteristics of Berlin in the minds of most of us. Cassidy... Read The Rest →

8.55am on 14th and 9th

Help button

In New York on a humid Monday morning, waiting for the Apple store to open at 9am, I am approached by a well-kempt bearded man who proclaims to like my shoes. “I’ve always wanted blue suede shoes,” he says. “I want to get married to my fiancee in a pair.” I tell him they are from Aldo and when he looks blank, tell him there is a branch on fifth avenue. But he has finished with the shoes. “Can you do something for me?” he asks. Here comes the pitch.... Read The Rest →

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