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The more motivated and engaged you are, the better you tend to perform, right? So it seems to me that a little investment in employee engagement would be money well spent.

And yet it still surprises me that so many people in business – often in senior positions – still question that sort of investment and fail spectacularly to see any link between an engaged workforce and better productivity.

All too often the idea is seen as some sort of hare-brained idea from HR that shows how disconnected they are from the bottom line.

So I am delighted to find Jonathan Austin, CEO of Best Companies, the workplace engagement specialists, has provided some concrete evidence to show I am not crazy.

By way of background, Best Companies has been responsible for facilitating engagement surveys and analyzing the data to compile the ‘Best Companies to Work For’ list, published in The Sunday Times since 2001.

The original list celebrated the best 50 organisations in the UK. Since then the process has been expanded and Best Companies now compiles four lists each year celebrating the best Small, Mid, Big and Not-For-Profit organisations to work for in the UK.

It is employee brand engagement that drives the list and Jonathan has clearly shown there is money in a motivated workforce.

His research shows that if you had invested a meager £1,000 in the FTSE 100 in 2007 over five years, you would have walked away with just £900.

But if you invested the same amount over the same period in the 100 Best Companies and you’d get £1,500.

On average over those five years, turnover increased in the top 100 Best Companies by 43% with an increase in profit of 152%.

I rest my case.


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