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Metro Bank

Metro Bank

“Do you want a pancake?” David asks my son across a wooden desk.

This is unexpected. We are, after all, in a bank. Then again, this particular bank specialises in being different. For a start it is a Sunday afternoon and it’s open and welcoming. There are red lollipops available for sweet-toothed customers and dog biscuits for those accompanied by their four-legged friends.

My 15-year-old son is in Metro Bank in Milton Keynes to open his first bank account but the offer of a pancake also extends to my nine-year-old daughter, sitting with us.The pair exchange an incredulous glance then look to me. I shrug.

“Maybe with some Nutella?” David adds.

“Yes please!”

David summons a colleague who goes out to buy the pancakes as he begins to set up the account for Fergus.

Within 10 minutes the pancakes arrive, and Fergus even gets to keep the change from the money the teller has used.

“For your new account,” he says as the kids tuck in.

By the time he takes his last bite, Fergus has a debit card and is registered for online banking, which David has helped him set up on his phone. He has also made his first deposit.

“I didn’t know banks were like that,” he says as we walk out.

“They’re not,” I say. “Just Metro Bank.”

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