The Magic of Flying

A Vintage TWA twin-prop

A Vintage TWA twin-prop

The Magic of Flying is a much-lauded, much-awarded and brilliant piece of advertising that mixes technology and imagination in a perfect combination. Not only, of course, is the magic in the execution but also, perhaps more importantly, in the insight; flight captivates people.

We often literally dream of flying and it is the superpower most children wish for. And despite the rise of budget airlines, there is still something perceptively glamorous and exciting about flying. It’s romantic, exotic and filled with potential.

It’s enduring too. I was captivated when a colleague came to work recently in a beautifully tailored jacket that belonged to her mother – a former TWA flight attendant. It was still so stylish and clearly so well made it outlasted the airline itself.

For me there is also something about the aircraft itself – not just what it symbolises but its entire construction. They are things of great beauty, finely designed, hugely impressive and often impressively huge.

My one real regret from my days as a Creative Director was not being able to convince a client to let us shoot a high-fashion set in the airplane graveyard in Mojave. (We did, though, manage shoes in the neon museum in Las Vegas and evening wear atop the Rosslyn Hotel in downtown Los Angeles).

It occurs to me that perhaps I should try to find a job that allows me regular access to the magic of flying.



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